Real Women Have Curves

Over the last year or so, walking around New York City, riding the subways and busses, I’ve noticed something.  A lot of younger women nowadays are thin.  And I do not just mean that they are skinny.  These teenagers and twenty something gals are so thin that they look unhealthy.  The most striking aspect is their arms and legs, which look like twigs.  The rest of their bodies are ultra-svelte, in certain cases even appearing pre-pubescent.  It is not much of an exaggeration to say that some of these ladies bear more than a passing resemblance to victims of starvation from some Third World country than they do grown women.

I’ve pointed this out to my girlfriend.  She typically just shrugs, and informs me that it’s the style nowadays with younger women, the fashionable way to look.   In all honestly, I find that a rather disturbing phenomenon.  Thinking it over, I wonder how some of these women achieve their lean appearances.  I would not be at all surprised if at least some of them suffered from eating disorders.  I realize that we lived in a country where obesity is a serious problem.  But going to the complete opposite extreme is no solution!

Obviously it is a matter of personal preference, and different people are attracted to different body types.  But I have always had a fondness for more voluptuous, Rubenesque females.  Immediately coming to mind are such mid-20th Century sex symbols as Bettie Page and Marilyn Monroe.

Both of these women were stunning, sensual beauties who exuded their own unique manner of sexuality.  Each of them is regarded as a cultural icon.  But I very much believe that if Bettie Page or Marilyn Monroe were alive today, attempting to break into modeling or acting in the early 21st Century, they would meet with little success.  In fact, they’d probably be considered “overweight” by the powers-that-be in the fields of fashion and showbiz.

I think it’s a tragedy that so many young women feel compelled to pursue excessive weight loss, striving to reach some kind of nearly-impossible waif-like physical ideal that has been imposed upon us by mass media and the corporate world.  Especially when these ladies may be risking their health to achieve that look.

Obviously if a woman wants to become thin, she should be allowed to.  But I hope she would do it for herself, instead of striving to be skinny because she believes society expects of it of her.  If you are going to lose weight, do so because it’s healthy and it will make you happy.  Don’t do it to try to please others or impress strangers.

And just remember: some of us do not find that ultra-skinny look to be beautiful.  Instead, we would much rather see a woman with a natural curvy figure.


3 thoughts on “Real Women Have Curves”

  1. There have always been unrealistic expectations for women, and I don’t think that the skinny trend is particularly dangerous, compared to trends in the past that involved, say, corsets that damaged internal organs and restricted breathing. I also don’t think that fashion trends have much to do with eating disorders–they are a mental illness, and they’ve been around forever, and I don’t know of any sufferers who are motivated to fashion. More often, in fact, I think it is a form of rebellion against expectations: it may be in vogue to be skinny, but everyone already knows that men like big, womanly curves. Some of us don’t want “sensual bodies,” because such appearances can lead to objectification, and we’d rather be noticed for our intelligence and ambition than for being fuckable.

    I don’t mean to be snippy, but it bothers me how these misconceptions are so widely believed.


  2. In response to Emma Lilac…

    While eating disorders are both mental and emotional, women of all sizes, ages, and backgrounds have been objectified. In addition, fashion does have a lot to do with it. Young girls who desperately crave attention, perfection, love and acceptance see what’s in fashion magazines, music videos and also what’s popular among peers in school. Add that with the mental and emotional disorders, and you have a recipe for a multitude of problems.

    Speaking of which, today’s skinny fashion models have been also among the most objectified of them all. Take a look at any upscale fashion publication, and these sort of models are held up as something to be measured to. What people forget is that these models represent a fantasy, an illusion to sell clothes, and is no way a true representation of real life.

    Also in today’s times, plastic surgery is more popular than ever. Especially among young girls who have the financial means to do so.

    That’s where the skinny trend does have the potential to become dangerous.

    If the woman is natural skinny, then that’s fine. However, if the woman is trying to deify odds to shape her body into something that’s against her own natural makeup, then it becomes dangerous. Instead, women should learn to ignore what the media claims is fashionable, beautiful and trendy. Instead, work on self-acceptance and make that into something sexy.

    Of course many women would love to be taken seriously, being noticed for our intelligence and ambition. But don’t think being sexy, intelligent and ambitious can’t go together. These three qualities can go together very well indeed. The key is how a woman carries herself. It also matters on what boundaries a woman will put up. A woman can be sexy, and still have the right to say what is and isn’t acceptable – on her own terms.

    Also, from my own personal observations, I’ve seen young boys and men put down women for being “too fat” when in reality, the woman isn’t obese at all. She just happen to own real curves, and still fit into an average clothing size.

    Think about this though. If a woman is surrounding herself with people that continue to objectify her, then perhaps it’s time for her to find a different environment. Maybe she should start raising her standards, and seek new friends, who will accept her intelligence as well as her sexiness.

    In the end, nothing is more sexier, intelligent and ambitious than being confident with oneself – no matter what size. Cause in the end, ask anyone what attracts others. True confidence is one of the key factors.


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